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Here at tobacco leaf UK we have sourced unprocessed tobacco leaf from around the world to offer you the best quality and the most efficient service possible.

please enquire about stock levels regarding the unprocessed tobacco leaf you would like to order.

There are no chemicals or added additives in any of the tobacco we sell. We choose only the finest Grade 1 leaves throughout our ranges.

Air Cured Leaf Virginia Leaf Tobacco Plantation

Tobacco types

There are several types of unprocessed tobacco available.

Our tobacco Leaves are Flu Cured Virginia (FCV) leaves, described below 

Virginia tobacco

This is named after the state in America.  It is yellow to orange colour, this happens when it is dried using a process called, flu-curing. This type of tobacco plant grows most often in regions with light rainfall, such as Brazil, Zimbabwe and of course Georgia in the USA.

Virginia Leaf Virginia Leaf


Burley is an air-cured leaf;  this process makes the unprocessed tobacco turn brown with almost no sugar, Its taste becomes almost cigar-like.  It needs heavy and nutritious soils to grow.  The best Burley is grown in Central America, Malawi and Uganda Some people add burley to Virginia and Oriental style leaves to create individual blends of unprocessed tobacco.

Burley unprocessed tobacco leaf Burley unprocessed tobacco leaf


Heat is introduced into a barn by pipes from an outside furnace, This controlled heat allows the leaves to turn yellow/orange, at which point they don’t change any further, they contain a high amount of sugar.

Cured Virginia Flue cure Barn

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At “Tobacco Leaf UK” we import unprocessed tobacco leaf, which is not subject to duty by HMRC. We only supply wholesalers and distributors with our unprocessed tobacco leaf. By purchasing unprocessed tobacco leaf from “tobaccoleafuk” you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions found on our website and all terms and conditions set by HMRC surrounding tobacco. If you are selling onto a tobacco leaf manufacturer you must ensure that they have a valid manufacturer’s license.